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One Room Challenge guest bathroom - week 2 demo and tile surprises

I knew that renovating a bathroom would take time and patience and a lot of scrubbing but what I didn’t know was that I would be dealing with a hole in the wall of my tile...

I was almost finished with my version of demo (remove shower door, take everything off the walls, say good bye to the shower handle) and then I realized I had forgotten the soap dish. It was too good to be true because it was so simple to take off the caulk with goo gone... and then as I shoved in the screwdriver to pry it off the wall, I realized they cut out tile to add in. Nooo (see it right next to the handle)!

So now I need tour help! I have 3 options

  1. add a new soap dish in its place - this is my least favorite option

  2. use what I have (tile from kitchen and grout from fireplace) and patch it - this method will throw off my stencil design

  3. remove the two massive tiles and put in 2 new ones - this method requires me to drill a hole for the shower handle) and find 19" x 19" tiles

For painting shower tile, prep is the most important step. From what I have read I need 1 coat primer, 3 coats paint, and 4 coats sealant - paint shopping is also becoming quite difficult because I don't want to use the standard tub and shower kit (design problems). Apparently no-one is painting their shower but me.

So although I know I’m behind I know that the rest of the renovation can be done in a couple weekends - painting walls, fluted wood wall, change faucet, sink and shower handle, install door, hang some shelfs, and figure out something for behind the mirror.

Check out the amazing progress from all the designers and guest participants of this One Room Challenge at

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