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One Room Challenge - Week 7 Nightstand

This last week I learned so much about refinishing furniture and how to hang curtains.

About 8 years ago I took on our bedroom set apart. I was not a fan of the stain and I wanted black furniture so I took all the drawers out and the bed apart and I went to town. We slept on the floor for months... this was probably the first taste my then fiancé got of my never ending projects. I finally got it back together and its still in our room. I look back at it now with what I know now and man I would have changed it up.


I had dreamed of this nightstand and It turned out just as I wanted it.

This piece took time but it was so worth it in the end.

Step 1

Take Every piece apart. Every last piece - TIP keep it all in a jar or ziplock and label it. Mark your drawer (top / bottom).

Step 2

Sand and wood fill imperfections. I started with 80 grit sandpaper on the drawer fronts since I would be using wood glue on it. The physical night stand I went with a 120 grit

Step 3

Paint - I love used BB Frosch paint transformer which prevents the need to prime. After EVERY coat sand with 220 sand paper. This is key to making it look professional.

Step 4

Wood glue on Dowels. I physically cut these dowels in half and I got them from an estate sale for $6. I loved making them and I hope to have a reel up soon on the process. I also sanded these to natural with a 120 grit

Step 5

Put back together

Step 6

Add new handles. I also lined the drawer sides to be fancy and I love this wall paper so much!

Step 7

Seal with polycrylic



There is still so much to finish in this space. I have 1 week left! Can I do it?

The great thing is so many are already finished with their fabulous spaces. Check out all the progress and finished spaces at

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