Au Pair Sanctuary - Week 2

One Room challenge is full swing and today I am sharing how I created our accent wall.

I wanted the room to give the room some height and also add some additional texture to the space. Here is how to create the look.

The walls are 8' and I wasn't interested in going straight across the middle. Luckily I was able to snag a bunch of scrap wood from a garage remodel on offer up and I used the long boards and kept the length - 68". The short boards started at 60" but I shaved them down to 45" and I love the over all design.

Step 1

Rip your wood to your ideal size - Our wall is 10" wide and I wanted the ends to be bottom pieces. Overall i have 14 short and 15 long with long in the center - 29 total boards.

Step 2

Prime the wall and the boards - Zinsser bin primer is my go to.

Step 3

Find your center - in my case 5'

Step 4

Get the middle board up and work your way out. I went with 2" boards with 2" gap. I found the center and measured out each way 1" and then got the first piece of wood up. Make sure its level. Start with a nail in the center and then once its level nail in the top and bottom. I created a spacer piece and worked out left and right over the entire length of the wall.

Step 5

Fill in the nail holes with wood filler and then sand them smooth

Step 6

Caulk all sides

Step 7

Paint the wall with boards. I used a paint sprayer and it was a learning curve but it worked amazing with the corners.

I was able to get a great video of it all coming together

There are so many amazing designers on this Springs One Room Challenge. Make sure you check out everyones spaces

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