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One Room Challenge - Goodrich Kitchen Week 4 - Meet the electrician

It’s been a quiet week in the kitchen but big things are in the works. We had the electrician do a full walk through and he starts tomorrow on can lights, moving outlets, checking plugs and adding the chandelier. Also the cabinets should be arriving this week and that’s when the magic starts!

When meeting an electrician you will want to already have a list of items for them to review. I had a list of all the kitchen items needed.

  • remove track lighting

  • add (4) can lights

  • add a light over the sink to connect with the garbage disposal

  • move the plug over for the fridge

  • add a outlet in the pantry for the microwave

  • remove the outlet above the stove

  • confirm outlets work for range hood

  • check on the outlets under the sink

  • remove the exterior line that was running through the cabinets (poor work from a previous owner)

  • add box for chandelier for table

On a positive note we will be able to close up this wall this week!!!

So much fun to look forward to and I can’t wait to share in stories. Since my week 3 was a snooze fest head over to to see what everyone is up to on week 3. Apartment Therapy is the official media partner and what a dream it would be to be featured by them! #ORCAT

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