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Fall One Room Challenge - Landing

It is that time again when I pull out the laptop and give myself some reasonable goals and a time line with some big dreams in the back of my mind. For this Fall One Room Challenge I have decided to give our Landing a refresh and some major storage.

Although I have been hoping to start tackling the living room / playroom I am living a whole new reality since I started flipping rooms our our home. Our childcare capabilities have changed and I am coming upon busy season with holidays and work so I am over biting off more then I can chew. My marriage will hopefully thank me. Were gonna go small this round with a big impact.

The Landing is the happy place where we start are day for school and I am ready to bring some light into this super dark space. I am the reason the walls are the color purple. I was searching for the inspiration photo and I can't find it but let me tell you, it looked good in my 27 year old mind. We bought our home in May 2013 and I had a dream of dark moody walls and black doors. I am still toying at the idea of the doors a color other than black, but the purple is leaving for Behr Polar Bear. It will eventually take over the rest of the living room / playroom one day and I love the brightness that it now brings to our living room nook.

It does have a decent foot print and we usually dance and sing, get dressed, and brush hair in this space - my son calls it the stage. I want it to be a bit more functional and also make it more inviting and have some hooks hung for the kids clothes. We have a long bench but that will be leaving for a chair I haven't found yet and I will be swapping out the mirror for something a bit larger. The space on either side of our bedroom doors is perfect for built in cabinets that will go on both sides with an upper shelf to connect. I will be repainting the doors and adding new trim to the space. Swapping in a nest thermostat and removing the yellow old plug for a new one that will hide behind the mirror. I also want to do a framed wall paper layered behind the mirror for a pop of color. I am loving the floral print but nothing is set in stone.

WISH LIST - I would love to swap in some new flooring as the carpet is pulling and it needs to go. If anything I will cover it with a large rug. Also would love to remove the half wall and install a railing but that is wishful thinking for sure.

There are so many amazing mood boards and I am sure you will find inspiration everywhere you turn. Better Homes and Gardens is the official media partner of ORC and gosh would it be a dream to be featured. Check out all the participants in the blog -

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