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Fall One Room Challenge: Landing Week 2 Door Trim Removal

This week was a slow start because myself and both kids were sick all week. Man its rough to start something when you are not feeling your best.

Friday I finally got the energy to start on this space and I feel like it has already transformed quite a bit from the original dark purple walls. We did get primer on all of the purple walls and paint on a few. I feel like paint transforms a space so quickly and I am loving how light and airy it feels already. Let's remember where we started!

I am still bouncing back and forth on floors and railings mostly because they are both big investments that we do not have a budget for at this time so I am doing my best to make it work with what we have. New trim is another easy way to update the space and ours was beat up.

This week I learned how to remove trim from door frames in 5 easy steps.

Step 1.

Using a utility knife and cut around the edges of the door trim. You want to cut all the locations where the caulking is, especially the areas where the trim is against the wall. When you pull off the trim it won't damage the dry wall or the paint.

Step 2.

Next you will need a putty knife, pry bar, and a hammer, pliers to carefully remove the trim. Use a pry bar to carefully hammer under the door trim and use the pry bar to pull the trim off.

Step 3.

Take a hammer and remove any nails that might have been left in the wall

Step 4.

Use pliers for any staples that were left behind. I like to clamp and then twist them off.

Step 5.

Use a putty knife to remove any left over caulking. Go all around the door trim to clean it up and make it ready for the new door trim.

There are so many amazing transformations taking place right now. I am shocked on how quickly things take shape. Head over to One Room Challenge to see all the spaces. I must keep reminding myself that my timeline is for me and working full time with 2 kids and no au pair only leaves me with pockets of time on weekends and late nights and that is okay. Remember homes take time.

Next up - deciding which type of door trim and finish painting. Next week we build cabinets!

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