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New Year New Space - One Room Challenge Spring 2021 Au Pair Sanctuary

It is a new year and although I owe you all a final room reveal of last year's Fall 2020 ORC I am two glasses of wine in and on a mini getaway to visit my great friend and her baby and I don't quite have the gusto in me to create that whole thing right now. Instead I'll start at the beginning of the next challenge.... Cue the mood board!

Majority of this space will be created by up-cycling. I am a huge fan of bringing something new life or finding it a new home versus the land fill. This space will consist of a revamped night stand, full overhaul dresser flip, recreated velvet headboard, refinished bed frame, accent wall made from scrap MDF from someones garage cabinet gut, fresh spray paint on windows, my first go around with framed windows from wood I already bought, ceiling to floor drapes from IKEA Scrap fabric, hanging plants from a local vegas shop, and a cane reupholstered rocking chair that I hope one day will go into a nursery. I also might paint the closet door and I am still on the hunt for a new handle for the door. I have this vision in my mind and I am grateful this project is 8 weeks. Ideally it will be shared over that length of time but I have hopes to complete sooner because we're crossing our fingers our next Au Pair will be with us before June. I will be sharing all the late nights and weekend projects on Instagram stories @nicolelucevichome but come back here for the full run down of all the changes to the space.

Next week I will feature our accent wall and I have high hopes to finalize the headboard soon... Hardcore thinking I need a softer white in the space so stay tuned on stories for some very important voting on paint colors, headboard styles, hardware on furniture and framed window styles. Excited to bring you on this DIY Ride. There are some amazing designers front and center on this One Room Challenge with Better Homes and Gardens as their Media Partner. I am also excited to share a few friends along the way who are also knee deep in completing a space. I love that this isn't a contest but a celebration of talents, skill and inspiration with an amazing community to cheer along everyone as they go. Check out all the amazing participants and the spaces they are transforming.

Let's take a walk down memory lane on the many uses of this room (sleeping, storage, office, au pair sanctuary).

When I received 5 seconds of fame for creating low waste custom gifts - no plastic

Storage supply

This space hasn't been touched since I left my business in 2017 to go back to Corporate America and needed to quickly make it into a guest room / au pair living quarters from a storage space/office. When we moved in in 2013 this was the last room on the agenda and I honestly was burnt out of making decisions. I asked our painter to pick a popular color and we came home to a yellow space. I started as a guest room and has had several people live in it ever since. The bed was always in the same space when it was in there .

This space needed some major TLC and the fact that its out of the way and pending a new long time guest it was the perfect spot to pour love into over the next few weeks. Come back next week to get the step by step on how to find the perfect spacing for an accent wall.

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