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One Room Challenge - Bathroom beginnings

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I didn't even know what the One Room Challenge was until I found myself furloughed indefinitely and in the middle of 3 DIY projects... We had fully committed to updating our backyard patio and I was kicking myself that I hadn't known about it before. The challenge was already 3 weeks in and I wasn't at the point of documenting projects and flips like I am now. It was too late but I was in awe of the designers and their glorious rooms. I am such a sucker for a great before and after and I spent hours following some amazing room transformations. When I realized that this Challenge is twice a year I gave myself a huge pep talk and then buttered up my husband for the conversation of starting another project.

I am back at work full time so I knew I couldn't take on our living room just yet (I want to transform our staircase and its not something I can do in 6 weekends, nor will my family allow that constant demo for a month). I had already started our downstairs bathroom and by start I mean I swapped out a mirror but I didn't even patch the old holes... I figured this was the perfect starting point for my #oneroomchallenge and with the green light from my best friend I find myself here in our beautiful backyard creating a blog.

I have big dreams for our first floor bathroom. It was one of the first rooms I took on 6+ years ago. We used to be young and free of bedtime and diapers and threw great backyard pool parties. This was the room that everyone needed to slip into bikinis and so I had it match our yard with a bright teal blue with yellow accents and a genius idea to create a chalk board wall. Did I share that we have textured walls? So I am going to tackle wallpaper with hopes to cover up what once was a really silly idea.

Follow along over the next 6 weeks to see if I can actually get through this 100%. I live in the 95% over here and I am crossing my fingers that I can manage my weekends and late nights while still loving on my littles.

I have dreams of painted shower tiles, an upgraded shower door, hardware, a new sink, lighting updates and a fluted half wall with wall paper... can i get it done in 6 weeks?

Follow the designers and guest participants of this One Room Challenge at

Drum Roll Please... my before

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