One Room Challenge - Reveal Au Pair Sanctuary

This room brings me so much joy and pride. I hope you find a little piece of the space that puts a smile on your face. From the accent wall to the original nightstand and dresser I poured my heart into this space. I created lighting from my imagination and I saw a $5 dressed and figured out a way to rebuild it. This room pushed me... really the dresser did. The dresser was a complete rebuild and it almost didn't happen. So grateful for my husband handling "daddy daycare" to help me make this dream into a reality. Lets talk spaces...

Feature Wall

Feature wall is where it all started... Math is not my strong suit but I figured it out and cut way too many boards... I am absolutely doing another wall soon because the wood is waiting. I honestly love how bright this space has become. Its fresh and clean and feels like a sanctuary to me. I will still probably be spending all my time in this space until Selma our next au pair arrives. If I could find a way to have her here already I would have but I think just knowing that she will be taking over this room soon and loving on my littles gives me all the feels.

Head Board

Next lets drool over this headboard....I have never seen a headboard this style and I learned so much about upholstery through this process. This fabric was from a scrap bag at Ikea clearance room and the wood was from someones garage demo. I love that this came together. It compliments the accent wall and draws your eye to the pop of color.

Night Stand

This nightstand has been with me since the beginning. I was living on the floor on a air mattress when I moved across the country to experience Las Vegas. I had nothing then what could fit in my Honda Civic. When I finally had enough money to buy something this bedroom set came into my life and has followed me through 4 moves. It was totally functional but It needed a facelift. I learned how to cut dowels in half and stumbled my way through the perfect hardware to fit this style. After multiple paint choices were narrowed down I decided to go with with what I love - emerging taupe by Sherwin Williams. The color is such a compliment to the headboard. I LOVE IT


The bed finally came together just a few days ago. I completely changed the style from traditional to more contempory but with a pop of velvet... To make sure it didn't block the accent wall i physically cut almost a foot off the bed. It is way easier to get into. Way less space under the bed but with the additional furniture it balances out.

Window Treatment

This didn't exactly pan out. I had plans to frame the windows but I was torn on whether to make them match the rest of the house or keep with the trend of the raw wood. I ended up shelving the idea of framing them due to lack of time (oh corporate America) and the drapes are where your eyes go. The curtains and rod is where the money was spent. I purchased them from Ikea and the rods are from Target. I think it was a perfect splurge for the space.

Rocking Chair

This chair is so comfortable now that I fixed the seat. It was sinking and poorly fixed when I got it. I again took it apart and rebuilt it. I had to change the height to accommodate the MDF base and it was well worth the challenge. This was a scrap bag fabric and leftover MDF. I love when I already have all the supplies to make things happen.

Bedside Light

I stumbled upon these dowels at goodwill and I just