One Room Challenge - Week 3 How to Create, Build and Make a Headboard - Upholstery 101

I have had this bed for 11 years... probably time for a new mattress but instead I took on the headboard. By take on, I mean take apart and completely recreate. I L O V E it!

It took me a total of 2 weeks to create this piece and in normal hours its probably 10 hours.

Things I purchased - Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive ($8.98), pneumatic staple gun ($33.28), Jigsaw ($49.98) $5.00 worth of 3/8" staples, 1 bag of 24"x72" - 1" thick foam ($16.19), and 1 panel from a $29.00 scrap fabric bag from Ikea... it was a curtain panel!

Things I had - base to headboard, scrap MDF

How to create the look:

Step 1.


First I deconstructed the original headboard... using pliers and a flat head you can get them all out. I kept all the materials and used the foam and the backing again - careful to keep the integrity of the piece.

Step 2.

Create your design

I changed my mind quite a few times and in the end I ended up combining a few different ideas. I went with 4 different sizes with 7 pieces total. I was able to cut the boards down using a rip kit from kreg jig and selected the sizes using bowls.

The sizes are 4" | 7 1/2" | 11 1/2" | 13" | 11 1/2" | 7 1/2"| 4" - I used a salad bowl, dog bowl, planter, charger and mixing bow.

Step 3.

Make your panels

I cut the wood based on the sizes above and then traced the bowls on the top of each board. Using clamps I was able to cut all the aches with the jig saw and then sanded them down with 120 grit to finish it off.

Step 4.

Prep for foam

Wipe everything down. Lay out a table cloth or something you don't care much about. We used our painting table cloth. Spray the adhesive on the board - I used gorilla glue spray adhesive for this process. Then after waiting 1 minute place on the foam. You can move it for up to 3 minutes. I then stacked my boards. I personally let this sit outside overnight to keep the fumes out of the house. Its super simple to do and works great. The yellow foam is the scrap from the original boards. If you do not have scrap you will need 2 bags of foam.

Step 5.