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One Room Challenge - Week 3 Paint and Mirrors

This week was a rough one. Trying to find time to create has been challenging. With 2 kids in the fall the attention leads elsewhere often but I was able to dedicate about 5 hours to the space.

I was able to spend my Friday morning painting all the walls that matter. With a deep purple - 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of Pure Bear by Behr did the trick. I do love the bright white and I feel like the space looks so much larger now with a fresh coat of paint. I am still toying around with the idea of knocking down the pony wall or painting it all white. I really want to knock it down and start the staircase. We finally have the funds to do it but now is the problem of finding time and I have 0 idea what type of flooring I want to do on the second floor and staircase. With time fleeting I am keeping it simple this round.

I wanted to start trimming out the doors but realized that I should do the cabinets first and that's where we are. So many of my DIY circle swear by the plans of Ana White and so this weekend I dove into youtube videos and her site to figure out what steps to take to make the builtins. There are so many design options to consider but I feel like I have narrowed it down. 2 big drawers, 1 small drawer on both sides. 1 big cubby on the left for my yoga mat and 4 shelves on the right to hold all the linens with doors to hide it all.

Today I was able to remove the carpet where the cabinets will go and I spent 2 hours walking the aisles of Home Depot trying to decide between Melamine, Birch, and Red Oak. After loading the cart twice, I was walking out of the aisle and realized I could just use Pine and it would be half the cost ($44 a sheet versus $95 a sheet). I was able to rip down 1 board but we realized that our garage outlets are not working and our batteries all died. Maybe tomorrow!

The best part of the weekend was finding my Mirror for a fraction of the cost. Large Mirrors can go anywhere for $395 on overstock to $1200. I had a budget of $450 and everything I found within that price point had a Christmas delivery. I was brain storming and thought

back to when we had mirrors in the kids rooms (closet doors) and instantly had a light bulb moment. I was able to find this beautiful mirror for $35 on offer up and the size is perfect for the value. The best part is the backing is for a sliding door so its pretty solid and shouldn't bend like the one we had before (now in our bedroom). I need to frame it out to complete the look but waiting to decide which hardware to use on the cabinets before pulling the trigger and spraying farmhouse black.

So much to do in this space

Built ins

  • finish ripping wood for the other built in

  • cut all the pieces for shelves and drawers

  • Pocket Holes on everything

  • learn how to make doors and drawers

  • assemble

  • trim

  • paint


  • Trim or paint

Wall paper

  • source it

  • install

  • frame it


  • resurface

  • paint

  • source new hardware

  • install new hardware


  • trim install

  • door trim install

  • Hooks for kids clothes

  • possible inspiration art

  • find a chair

There are some amazing things happening on the blog. Head over to One Room Challenge for over 500 rooms of inspiration.

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