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One Room Challenge - Week 4 Reviving the bed

It was a slow week with the space. Life happened instead, sick kids, sick husband, potty training, full time job, holiday weekend... just no time.

I did get some sanding done on this 11 year old bed... it was so dark before and it does not go with my vision so were starting over. I found out that it isn't all real wood and have a few spots where i went too hard with the sander, we will see how that plays out. I did cut the bed to size and took off 6 3/4 inches in height... why remove so much height to the bed? Well I wanted to showcase the full accent wall and to do that we needed to cut the bed legs a bit and change the style of the bed. I am going for super simplistic with straight clean lines.

I wanted to do the Minwax color stain but it turns out there is a month long delay and I don't have time for that... so were gonna try to stain and if it doesn't look right we will paint it!

I feel like I always have a few go arounds with stains before I love it. With our Dining room Mantel I completely sanded it all over again because I didn't like the color. With the bathroom the polyurethane was too yellow and I started over on 50+ boards.

This time I have learned from my mistakes and I decided to keep the legs and to a test run. Here is pre stain -

Help me decide which stain to use... We typically go with a dark color to match our floors but i am feeling oaks and natural woods these days. Below left A, right B, C is start over

Tell me which you think or should I start all over from square one?

How cute is B helping me sand down the frame?

Also have you checked out all the participants still going strong in week 4 of one room challenge? There are so many amazing men and women rocking spaces and it gives me all the feels. Take a peek for some inspiration at -blog This week I will be showcasing a few rockstars on stories so make sure to tune in.

Share in comments A, B or C - none of the above! This week the bed is coming off the floor and the dresser is getting done!

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