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One Room Challenge - Week 5 redoing the dresser

Today I was considering a massive pivot to the plan… I basically half way demoed the dresser. And I almost did.. but then I remembered the power of trim and that I had some great pieces from our neighbors from when they moved and it’s all going to come together this week.

Do you see that simple vertical! It’s going to be so good and make it look like an entirely new piece. It took a minute to get to the point of exposed particle board. The demo needed to happen.

Here is what we started with… a $5 dresser from it had been in a boys room and you can see it wasn’t treated with a ton of love… it’s also not a real wood dresser and you get what you pay for. I debated just taking it completely apart and then cutting new MDF and assembling a new one. But I also have a full time job and 3 weeks to complete this room and it’s not going to happen… so we will work with what we’ve got!

I got a little aggressive on the left side removal so we’re gonna do with what we got!

why I needed to take off the front sides

step 1

Remove hardware and if possible drawer fronts.

step 2

Fill holes if your switching out hardware. I love plastic wood by dap. It turns yellow from pink when dry.

step 3

Lightly sand. I used 120 grit and then 100 grit palm sander block for the areas that needed a little extra elbow grease. This who thing is getting painted so it helps to grip the paint to the dresser.

prime and paint!

there are so many amazing designers and guest designers!! I’m in awe with the level that everyone is bringing to the table! Check out all the work at

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