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One Room Challenge - Week 6 Windows

Were you hoping to see me build a dresser this week? Yep me too but it didn't happen. In fact I decided to start from scratch and I am using the pieces as a template. I almost had all the pieces but I messed up twice and decided I need to focus on something else and let that marinate.

This week we kicked off the Window Project and repainted all the windows black. Yep they were black before and yes I should have done this before painting the room white but when the mood strikes I run with it. I definitely think they look better... there was so much paint on them from past homeowners and I spray painted my kitchen windows so decided to do the same process in this room. I used Krylon Matte Black fusion all in one. It works amazing and I use this brand with all my spray paint projects.

Although it looked like dexter was working I literally taped off everything using the Scotch Blue Pre Taped painters plastic, frog tape and a tarp.

The painters plastic gets the job done but I have textured walls and everything after sitting for 2 days was starting to come off before I could paint. NOTE: your home will stink like spray paint for around 24 hours. The room only has one working window and I painted before work while the kids were at a sitter all day. I waited 24 hours to put the furniture back to prevent to smell from geting into the fabric.

TIP: Plastic bag on the head is key to keeping spray paint out of your hair! Long sleeves, mask, goggles are a must. I should have warn gloves too!

Cleaning up is a breeze, just peel off the tape with the plastic... roll it into a ball and toss it. It takes hours to tape and 2 minutes to remove!

This project isn't done. I still have framing to do and it will be a first for me. We framed our kitchen main window and I will be doing the same style and possible stain. Hoping this will be done on week 7 recap.

This week there are some amazing things happening on the I am beyond amazed and impressed every week. Silcone Molds to make tiles, beautiful built in beds, closets and bathrooms! Its worth a peek!

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