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One Room Challenge - Week 3

Learned something new this week and I'm excited to share I now have the knowledge to remove and replace shower tiles. I was really hoping to be past this phase of the project but I have determined that it all happens for a reason and the longer it takes to finish 1 project the more projects I add on.

Here is the process to do it.

Step 1

Remove grout

You can use a grout scraper, hammer and chisel or the best option a multi tool. It will save you time and energy and it is 100% worth it with all the attachments.

Step 2

Remove the tile

You can do this using a flat head and wedging it in between the wall and tile. If all grout in removed on all 4 sides this tends to be easy when you go along all sides. I was able to get the first one off in 1 piece but the second tile took some time.

Step 3

Remove old mortar or adhesive. This again is best with the miltitool sander attachment. This is a huge mess of dust so remove EVERYTHING you physically can from the room before this step to prevent hours of cleaning (i learned the hard way).

Step 4

Prep the space for new tile

I wiped down this area with a dry cloth but I'm sure its recommended to go with a sponge or wet towel, and then allow to dry completely before next steps.

Step 5

Mix Mortar, apply and set

I had to guess on quantities but you want to start with water (I used a cup - I only have 2 tiles to put up) and then mix in the mortar for 3 minutes. You will want a thick frosting like consistency. Let sit for the required amount of time (my box said 5 minutes). Then stir for 1 more minute. You can now apply to the wall where you will be tiling. Use a trough with nooks and get an even layer covering the space. You will need spacers to keep your tile in place... i used what we had on hand and did 4 to mirror the grout. I used my body weight for about 5 minutes until it became difficult to move and then left alone for 20 hours.

The next step would be to grout but we are switching in the handle so I need to change the valve before we close the wall.

Stay tuned because its going to be quick changes soon enough! Painting ALL THE WALLS this week. The list is long but painting walls, fluted wood wall, change faucet, sink and shower handle, install door, hang some shelfs, and possibly a peel and stick wall paper ceiling, oh and new trim!

Check out the amazing progress from all the designers and guest participants of this One Room Challenge at

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