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Week 5 - Black Bathroom

This last week was hard... mostly because of the election and my inability to muster up any energy to work on the bathroom. It was a like a fog but I was able to push through and get a few things done. I am ever so grateful that they extended the One Room Challenge by 2 weeks because I definitely need them.

Last week we finished patching the shower and honestly not too much has changed but I now officially have a black bathroom ceiling and the most beautiful crisp clean line of black and white.

Painting the ceiling was a great visual to see just how short it made the space. The vertical accent wall will definitely fix this but that has been one of the final steps in the process because I have decided to move forward with wall paper on the ceiling instead of a wood design. WHY? Wood is not cheap and which ever option i decide for the accent wall is going to run me $120 - $190 and that would be doubled if I move forward with the ceiling too... I have decided to use Shutter Stock and create a waterproof vinyl for the ceiling in its place to hopefully save $100 bucks and bring a pop of color into the space.

Things to decide

Shower Wall design

Wood Accent Wall sizing

Wall paper

Check out all the host and guest participants who are practically finished with their rooms on this weeks One Room Challenge ... give me a few more weeks to catch up!

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